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Through strength and partnerships, we can work together to find a cure and a stronger support system for those suffering with Lyme disease.

Together we can change lives and ways of thinking.

Together we can save lives.

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Together we make all the difference

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Congressman Mark DeSaulnier from California’s 11th Congressional District sent this thoughtful letter to us. Thank you District 11 for all your support 💚

We are so very excited! We would like to thank Sue Frost and Members of the Board of Supervisors of the Sacramento County, State of California, for signing a resolution declaring May 2021 Lyme Disease Awareness Month. We are so thankful and appreciative of their support.


Prevention is the key

LYME 101

Thank you, Partners & Friends!

We are greatly privileged and honored to collaborate with the following organizations in an effort to bring much needed awareness and change. By working together, we hope to bring the much needed support to this terrible disease. We thank you!
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