Peer to Peer Mentoring

Lyme Fight Foundation feels Peer to Peer Mentor support plays an important role in one’s success in managing the various challenges throughout their journey living with Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

If you are looking for one to one support or want to provide support as a mentor, the Lyme Fight Foundation believes Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) provides an amazing program.

To learn more about the GLA Peer to Peer support program and how you can get involved in such an important program that is making a difference in the lives of those with Lyme, visit


Partnership: Blueshield

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Lyme Fight Foundation is a community of amazing individuals that are fighting to spread the word about Lyme Disease. They work to provide support to those diagnosed with Lyme Disease, provide education to the community and prevention, and strive to make much needed change in the medical coverage and governmental support. These lists are designed to help those going through treatment and to create tick kits.

Be a part of our partnership with Blue Shield of California by selecting items on our Wish List to help with our Patient Care Packages and Tick Kits.

Patient Care Packages will be delivered to those in treatment with the hopes to help make their treatment journey a bit more comfortable.

Tick Kits will be available on our website to help keep our community safe.

Thank you for helping us make a change.

Thank you, Partners & Friends!


We are greatly privilege and honored to to collaborate with the following organizations in an effort to bring much needed awareness and change. By working together, we hope to bring the much needed support to this terrible disease. We thank you!