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Radio Interviews with Founder Melissa Moya

Thank you, Partners and Friends!

We are greatly privileged and honored to collaborate with the following organizations in an effort to bring much needed awareness and change. By working together, we hope to bring the much needed support to this terrible disease. We thank you!

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Dr. Jamie Kunkle

Dr. Jamie Kunkle has a diverse skill set including (but not limited to): Lyme/infectious disease, autoimmunity, environmental medicine, pain management, hormone regulation, metabolic/weight loss optimization neuropsychiatric conditions to name a few. For additional information please contact Dr. Kunkle here.

Finley Home Services

Finley Pest Control  – Flea and Tick Control
Find out more here.

Tick Killz

Tick Killz is the best natural mosquito and tick repellent for your yard. It is used by hundreds of professional landscapers and pest control experts as well as do-it-yourselfers who prefer to spray their yard themselves.  Tick Killz is the primary product of a company called Natural Repellents. Browse their products here.

Gordon Medical Association

GMA is internationally recognized for treating patients with complex, difficult to diagnose and treat illness, responding to the needs of the individual. We are actively involved in research, pursuing therapies that unlock the body’s self healing capacities. Learn more here.

Lyme Support

Get 1-on-1 guidance from someone with the clinical experience, medical wisdom and personal experience to understand what you’re feeling and know what can help you get healthier. Discover deep healing and a new way of living! Read more here.

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