Susan Urbanczyk is a Lyme advocate, Lyme consultant, and wellness coach. She brings her vast Lyme experience and learnings along with her foundation of patience, kindness and love to every person and animal she has the privilege to work with. Susan began her personal Lyme Disease journey 30+ years ago. A short time into this journey, Susan realized if she wanted to get better she had to help herself and become deeply educated about Lyme disease. Lyme was no stranger to her animals either. Several of her dogs became ill and one died of complications from the disease. When Lyme hit two of her horses, she realized the issues she had with the human medical community was the same amongst veterinarians. She shares with us the signs we should look for in our horses as well as the struggles they and owners undergo along with helpful treatment tips. Her wealth of knowledge is a gift and we are excited to have her share with us… together we will make a difference!
You can reach Susan at or on Facebook @ Equine Lyme Disease support group.