Dr. Christine Arseneau discusses Lyme Disease with Mel

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Dr. Christine Arseneau, Pharm.D., FMCHC has been in healthcare for 14 years as a pharmacist, functional medicine certified health coach, and cannabis consultant. She is an entrepreneur who thinks outside the box after overcoming a lifetime of chronic Lyme disease. She went from being too fatigued to walk her dog Read more…

Breathwork Healing with Jenny Hughes

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“The shape, tone, and tension of your life is a reflection of the shape, tone, and
tension of your physiology.” ~ Andrew Downey, ELAN Healing System

Join us when Jenny Hughes of Jenny Hughes Healing shares with us the benefits of breathwork for healing as well as ways she helps others in Read more…

Could Your Horse Have Lyme Disease?

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Susan Urbanczyk is a Lyme advocate, Lyme consultant, and wellness coach. She brings her vast Lyme experience and learnings along with her foundation of patience, kindness and love to every person and animal she has the privilege to work with. Susan began her personal Lyme Disease journey 30+ years ago. A Read more…

Interview with Dr. Plante, ND

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Dr. Brain Plante with BioReset Medical shares with us some naturopathic approaches to treating Lyme Disease and Chronic Infections. He also shares with us the care he and his office takes with each and everyone one of their patients.

Dr. Plante can be reached at the following:



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